Who We Are?

Walmartshopusa wholesale is a leader in the online home used appliance & tools space, founder Reza Mansouri has been supplying offline retailers and end users since 2010 in wide home related categories.

Why Choose Walmartshopusa?

Founder Reza Mansouri has been engaged in offline wholesale business since 2010, He has provided retailers customers with high-quality wholesale products that far exceeded expectations for a long time. By the time e-commerce flourished, he had accumulated a large number of offline warehouse resources and in touch with many home related products overseas e-commerce sellers. they have a common headache, which is the unsalable goods. How to deal with these high-quality goods has troubled them for a long time. Now, Walmartshopusa is offering a perfect solution, taking advantage of its presence to help sellers while also helping buyers to enjoy reliable quality products.

Where We Are Now?

Over 140 accessories & replacement vendors & e-commerce warehouses with the complete after-sales system to ensure you surprising happiness.

Our Team

Walmartshopusa team is committed to providing ideal popular products replacements and accessories solutions from office, home to outdoor, from printing tools to daily use appliance.

Our Mission

Anyone can get real wholesale prices from walmartshopusa.com! With years of wholesale supply chain resources and years of retail experience, we provide high-quality and low-cost services to users in the US market.

Reach Us For Order Information: info@walmartshopusa.com

Office Address: 588 Carmel Village Street, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Business Number: (857) 6411 1356

Business Hours: 9am-11pm  Sunday: 11am-5pm [Mon-Sat.]